We are spawning

Ping Pong Community is spawning. We are actively recruiting volunteers to serve as directors, officers and volunteer workers.



  • PPC directors form the Board of PPC. The board sets up and reviews the roadmap, initiatives and policies of PPC regularly.
  • PPC directors must participate in regular quarterly board meetings and any on-call meetings to make all major decisions for PPC.

Current Member

  • Xingang Huang
  • Wenli Liu
  • Yongjun Liu
  • Sally Su
  • Yusong Liao

Camp Manager: 2

Chunfeng Pei and Yusong Liao

  • Organize and coordinate Camp activities

Group Class Manager: 1/1


  • Organize group classes.

Event and Donation Manager: 1

Yan He

  • Organize donation events. Manage Donations.

Competition Manager: 2/1

Yongjun Liu and TBD

  • Manage League
  • Organize USATT tournaments
  • Organize CLC

Web Developer: 2/1

Xingang Huang and TBD

  • Working on Software/web support for Donation Management, Private Class Signup, Competition Management and Camp Managment

Swan Admin: 5/2

Wenli Liu, Xingang Huang, James Ye and TBD (2)

  • Open/Close doors, take payment, sanitary maintenance

Volunteer Coaches: 4/2

Sally Su, Ming Zhang and TBD (2)

  • Teach Ping Pong classes

Legal Consultant: 1/1


  • Consult on Legal issues

CEO/President of Board

Xingang Huang

  • Manage daily routines. Call and preside board meeting


Wenli Liu

  • Organize board meeting. Keep meeting minutes and important documentations.


Yongjun Liu

  • Accounting and Tax
  • Income and Payment

Vice President of Board


  • Assist CEO for daily routines. Backup CEO to preside Board meeting.